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Project Description
This is a custom login screen for SharePoint 2010 FBA. Working on a custom authentication.aspx to replace the Windows Authentication / Forms Authentication prompt as well based on URL / Zone.

This project was created because the SharePoint 2010 login screens are lame and ugly, and the client didnt like them. The css used is based on a wordpress site that was the original clients web page layout.

The login form was set up to use a new custom master page, since simple.master is boring.

All the pages are placed into the layouts folder, and Images are placed into MCImages under layouts.

Deploy as any standard WSP solution, enable, and set your custom login page to _layouts/MCLogin.aspx.

Dont forget to change the header.

Next on the list:
Modify Authentication.aspx to sense URL for zone and automatically select authentication. Why? Because I want to...

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